2018 Route Overviews

2018 Route Overviews

The 2018 Tour is again offering 4 great rides to be certain riders of all abilities can enjoy the day. These routes offer a fun and challenging day for all members of your group or family and showcase Northwest Colorado’s beautiful mountains, forests, rivers, ranch land and historic communities. The two shorter length rides are great for the entire family.
Construction on main street in Oak Creek is finished and we are returning the three rides to historic Oak Creek this year and a great aid station right downtown. It is anticipated construction will be finished by ride time on Yampa Street in downtown Steamboat for our Start and Finish areas and we will have a safe enjoyable ride thru the Farmers Market Area.
Of course its Colorado and there is going to be a major repaving effort on the west side of Rabbit Ears Pass. It will only be effecting the out going riders on the long traditional Gore Gruel route. CDOT has assured us they will have a well marked climbing lane but there will be some rotomill to ride up on part of the climb.
The 26-mile Sidney Peak loop takes riders to Sidney Peak Ranch just south of Steamboat on CO131. Enjoy the great views from the aid station at the end of the road, then return to Steamboat via River Road. Elevation Gain: 963 Cost: Click here for deadlines and cost.

The 46-mile Stagecoach/Oak Creek Loop takes riders south over Yellow Jacket pass to Stagecoach reservoir. We will continue west and turn north to Oak Creek and then on down the canyon to River Road and return the back way to Steamboat. Elevation Gain: 2184 Cost: Click here for deadlines and cost.

The 66-mile Yampa Loop takes riders also to Stagecoach , then diverts south to the small ranching town of Phippsburg and connects with the paved back roads along the base of the Flat Tops mountain range to Yampa, the “Gateway to the Flat Tops.” The turn around is at the aid station in Yampa, and riders return to Steamboat via Oak Creek and the Oak Creek Canyon and on to River Road. Elevation Gain: 3167 Cost: Click here for deadlines and cost.

The Tour still retains its famous 116-mile Gore Gruel; riders climb the arduous Rabbit Ears and Gore Passes but get to enjoy the same rolling hills return route as the Yampa Loop along the Flat Tops to Oak Creek and  back to Steamboat via River Road. Elevation Gain: 8004 Cost: Click here for deadlines and cost. NOTE: This ride is difficult and not a first-time century UNLESS you are adequately trained and used to riding at high elevation. 

Elevation is as critical an aspect to the Tour de Steamboat as distance. Riders should prepare themselves accordingly.

SAG, Safety and Medical Support

Beyond the spectacular views and many other great reasons to enjoy the Tour De Steamboat safety and medical support are of the utmost importance to our ride. Marked medical escort vehicles will be provided along all three routes to offer rapid emergency medical treatment. At the finish line a dedicated medical aid tent will be available to treat and evaluate everything from sore joints to serious medical emergencies. Licensed medical professionals provided by EMS Unlimited are well versed in not only offering compassionate and rapid medical care but also keeping a watchful eye over all facets of the ride to ensure safety is always paramount. The Tour De Steamboat is proud to provide this valuable and quality service offered by EMS Unlimited, a Colorado based premier full-service event medical standby company. To learn more about EMS Unlimited visit them at www.ems-unlimited.com.
SAG support is intended for riders needing medical attention or extra assistance, not for moving ahead on the course or making up for poor training, missed aid station cut-offs or to make up for a late start. Please plan accordingly with proper training, knowledge of cut off times, course closure times and good legs and attitude!  Our volunteer drivers are all exceptionally nice and we hope they will not be taken advantage of.  Please know this is a moderately difficult ride, train accordingly, know your hydration and energy needs and plan ahead!
Click here for what to expect at the aid stations.