Map My Ride

 1) Download the Map my ride app on your iphone, android, or windows based phone.

apple google windows

2) Once the app is downloaded and installed, click on the Friend icon and then search for the following: TourDeSteamboat (All one word)  when they show up in the list, click on the name and then click on the Friend Button

photo 1photo 3

3) Tour De Steamboat will then friend you back and give you access to all the routes.

4) Once you are friended back, you can then view the routes on the TourDeSteamboat user. You can click on the desired route. You then will need to do the next step to be able to follow along the ride and do the ride on your own account and phone.

5) Click on the bookmark in the upper right of the route. This will add this to the routes in your “Bookmarked” routes section of your app.

photo 4

6) Return to your main home screen in the app. Next click on routes and navigate to the bookmarked section of the routes. You will see the bookmarked routes here. Click on the Desired route and then click “Do it” at the upper right. Your phone will turn on your GPS and if you are near to the ride you can start following along on the ride.

photo 1photo 5

7) That is it, have fun on your Tour de Steamboat ride.